Our studio is immersed in a vibrant practice of architectural design.

We speak from the heart and inspire trust, devoting a great deal of energy toward keeping ideas fresh and flowing as we endeavor toward design excellence.

Our goal for everyone involved is the deep sense of fulfillment derived from the process of bringing a project to life.

Philosophy >

AWA is guided by a set of core convictions, inspired by Ana’s philosophy and values:

  • The client experience is paramount. It is of great importance that our clients are engaged in and excited by their project, and we work dynamically to foster their emotional connection from start to finish. We strive to guide a process of discovery and project development that allows for serious joy.
  • It is our job to identify and extrapolate the unique ‘nugget’—the significant, essential idea—that drives each project’s design solution. At its root each project’s architecture must be functional and meaningful—responsive to the specific needs and desires of our client and the site.
  • We feel a strong responsibility to do good work by creating lasting architecture with the highest possible value for our clients. Designing with this higher purpose in mind, we believe everything associated with the work benefits.